Oxygen and Nitrogen are the two products commonly associated with gas companies



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Industrial gases are called the
backbone of industry due to its widespread applications.

Aerospace and Defence

The aerospace sector requires high-performance gases with supreme reliability to work under extreme conditions. Premier Cryogenics has dedicated resources in serving the needs of this sector which arise during operation of aircraft.

The company supplies gases to the army and air force. The requirements are diverse as there are several applications that require products ranging from pure bulk oxygen to a specialised gases for high-performance welding.

High-flying gases: Premier Cryogenics has specially developed a high-pressure cylinder filling setup to specifically cater to the requirement of the aerospace industry both for civilian as well as military applications. The gases provided are high-flying breathing oxygen and compressed (zero) air.

Dry-Ice: is supplied in sheets to the airline catering industry to keep the food you eat in-flight as fresh as it was when prepared.

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